Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Situs Lowongan Kerja

Daftar Situs Informasi Lowongan Pekerjaan di Internet
Saat ini banyak sekali situs internet baik luar maupun dalam negeri yang memuat informasi bagi pencari kerja maupun perusahaan atau pribadi yang mencari pegawai. Karena internet adalah media yang luas, efektif dan menekan biaya.

Berikut beberapa situs yang paling banyak diakses oleh netter pencari kerja di internet:

1. - Situs pencari kerja no. 1 di Indonesia. Muncul sejak tahun 1998, JobsDB eksis hingga saat ini, dan saat ini menawarkan pekerjaan bukan hanya dari Indonesia saja, tapi hingga 3 benua (Asia, Australia & Amerika).

Profile is today the leading online recruitment network in Asia Pacific. By harnessing the speed and global reach of the Internet, has designed and developed a powerful recruitment medium, which brings employers and job seekers together and allows them to interact directly for fast, efficient and cost effective recruitment.

Founded in 1998, JobsDB launched its services in Hong Kong in September in the same year. With headquarters in Hong Kong, it quickly expanded its operations and is today the leading provider of online recruitment services in Asia Pacific with the widest network coverage, spanning Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and USA. Today, the JobsDB Group employs over 1,400 staff across the region.

JobsDB believes in regional network supported by local services. Its extensive network is backed by local service and localized content to meet the needs of individual territories. Its aim is to provide the best product and services in the region.

Over the years, JobsDB has built one of the largest and most comprehensive databases in Asia Pacific with over 10 million job seeker members and over 160,000 corporate clients.

Job seekers can utilize JobsDB's services either as a registered member or as a visitor and explore constantly updated employment opportunities at home or across the region.

For employers, JobsDB offers an extremely convenient, efficient and cost effective platform for business recruitment through a Recruitment Management System and access to a continuously expanding job seeker database.

JobsDB is at the forefront of technology. Recognizing the growing trend of companies recruiting through its own corporate web sites, JobsDB has developed a solution that is highly flexible and customizable which enables companies to build its own system based on individual requirements to automate and streamline the entire hiring process online.

JobsDB continues to strive for excellence in product and services to maintain its leading position in the region through constant enhancement and innovative product development.

2. - Situs milik KCM (Kompas Cyber Media) merupakan salah satu situs yang cukup banyak diakses pencari kerja di internet. Muncul tahun 2003 dan merupakan bagian dari situs Kompas, situs ini cukup cepat diakses dan banyak lowongan pekerjaan yang disediakan.

3. - Situs pencari kerja yang satu ini menawarkan banyak pekerjaan yang telah dikelompokan sesuai dengan bidangnya masing-masing. Pencari kerja akan dengan mudah menemukan pekerjaan yang diinginkannya. Datanya sendiri di-update setiap hari, jadi hampir setiap hari selalu ada lowongan.

4. - Situs yang menawarkan pekerjaan khusus untuk wilayah Indonesia saja. Selain di Jakarta dan pulau Jawa, situs ini banyak menawarkan pekerjaan di luar itu seperti di Bali hingga Indonesia wilayah timur. Data juga cukup ter-update setiap hari.

5. - Situs yang baru muncul tahun 2007 ini, cukup diminati oleh para pencari kerja di internet. Selain kemudahan akses, situs ini juga banyak memuat artikel dan tips yang berguna bagi pencari kerja. Situs ini juga banyak di-support oleh perusahaan-perusahaan yang butuh pegawai.

6. - Situs ini mempunyai keuinikan tersendiri karena biasanya bidang pekerjaan yang ditawarkan adalah seputaran dunia kerja bidang pertambangan, oil dan gas

Sekilas profile petromindo

Petromindo, standing for petroleum, mineral of Indonesia, is an information service on Indonesian petroleum and mining on the Internet. Given the close connection of the petroleum and mining sectors with power sector, it also provides information on power.

Petromindo aims to support the development of Indonesian petroleum, mining, and power sectors. It helps the company executives of the industries in their daily activities amid the changing political environment of Indonesia; promotes Indonesian petroleum, mines, and power investment opportunities to outside Indonesia; helps students and analysts to understand the industries.

Petromindo will become the single and most comprehensive source of news and information on Indonesian petroleum, mines, and power.

Beberapa situs tambahan sebagai referensi, bisa diakses di:

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